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Retail Inquiry Referral ... Our FREE* Privacy Niche'

We partner with several local and regional automotive dealerships to assist in the marketing of their inventory. Each provides a Featured Vehicle to our visitors regularly, and we link directly to their websites to conveniently allow you to quickly see what's available locally (generally within about a 40-mile radius of our marketing hub). We can also educate and guide you through a series of questions, creating a search "profile" best defining what's important to YOU in the purchase of your next new or pre-owned vehicle. Each of our qualified Partners can then (at your discretion) use this profile to create a workable vehicle solution FOR YOU! But, here's what's really cool ... your identity is completely confidential, and entirely preserved until YOU wish to disclose it ... thus eliminating some of the discomfort many have, in the past, associated with shopping for a vehicle! For more information on how the process actually works, please review our referral system on the How This Works Navigation tab.

* Restrictions and Conditions Apply. For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Retail Vehicle Buy-Bid Offers ... Our Time-Saving Way to Value YOUR Ride!

If you might be looking to SELL or TRADE your current vehicle, but are short on time and perhaps courage ... our NO-COST, Retail Buy-Bid system allows you to simply enter your specific vehicle information, along with a single photo/image (.jpg format required), and we take care of the rest. Your wholesale/trade pricing request is immediately forwarded to EVERY participating dealer for their consideration and evaluation. No need to pack the kids, grandparents, and half of the family pet population into the vehicle to head to every local dealership for hours on end... Just complete a simple series of clicks and the results of your request are forwarded back to you ... without a single call, dealership email, voicemail, or other unsolicited contact. You only want a "real-world" value of your vehicle, right?! Well, how about a number of purchase offers from local dealers within a matter of just a few hours!* It's SIMPLE, FREE, and, again, totally CONFIDENTIAL ... until YOU decide it shouldn't be!

* All Retail Buy-Bid offers are subject to a mutually-acceptable visual inspection. No offer is binding upon EITHER party and is exclusive of any participation with or of our Site. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for these and other offer requirements and/or restrictions.

Retail Educational Resources & Informational Products ... A Few Specialized Tools

We provide several educational & informational tools and resources, including integrated web links, user-defined and specific data reporting, along with other calculation/financial tools that can make your prospective shopping experience more efficient, productive, and tailored to your schedule. For access to these tools, please login to your PERSONAL ACCOUNT, and click the TOOLS tab in the ACCOUNT MENU located on the right margin of YOUR Personal User Account Page.

Marketing Partnerships ... Retail & Wholesale Leads Management (LM) Systems

We provide a series of dealer-based leads management opportunities (both retail & wholesale) for our Partner/Dealers. These services are provided as value-added components to those activities generally associated with other networking and advertising sources. By using a variety of administrative tools, our marketing Partner/Dealers gain insight into not only where their specific leads traffic originate, but also how that traffic is handled WITHIN the dealership! Proper structure and lead management is vitally important to the operational & financial success of any business, and it is critical in the success of an automotive retailer. Our user-defined, lead management reporting tools provide multiple levels of administrative control and the information necessary to accurately gage the focus and ultimate success of their dealership's LM program.
Convenient, Confidential, Cost-Free!

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