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"Pinching", as it is called, has been a common and accepted practice in the automotive retail business for decades. Essentially, it's the presentation of a trade value below (and sometimes WELL-BELOW) a vehicle's common wholesale value (or ACV ... Actual Cash Value). While it is, in most cases, an inexact start of a negotiation ... and some might, legitimately, argue shrewd business ..., the age-old practice has been elevated to near "scientific status" by some, in an effort to increase dealership profits. Regardless, it's really an offered trade value not only UNDER what the actual wholesale value likely is, but in some cases under what the dealer making the offer has already determined they're willing to pay! From a purely black & white negotiation standpoint, it's a reduction in your trade equity ... IF YOU ACCEPT IT!

So, what can you do to ensure that YOU'RE not "pinched", leaving you with an aggravation level in upper orbit ... and an even lighter wallet? BE INFORMED! Third-party valuation and informational websites, many of which are direct-linked to our Site for your convenience, allow you to get a real-time, reasonable, & well-informed estimate of what you might expect ... in advance of any appraisal you receive from a dealer. You are STRONGLY encouraged to not only take advantage of these resources, but also HONESTLY EVALUATE the condition of your vehicle PRIOR to developing an expectation. For more information on the valuation Do's & DON'T's, please visit, and then revisit, "What value can I expect from my trade-in?" on our FAQ's page.

At mycitymotorZ.com, we are committed to ensuring that your exposure to "pinching" is minimized by forwarding YOUR requests to only the most reputable and dedicated Marketing Partners ... each working for YOU ... and doing so in a way that keeps your identity totally ANONYMOUS. Can this guarantee the most accurate or aggressive valuation ... with minimal or non-existent "pinching"? NOPE. Only YOU, empowered with accurate information, can ... but, it sure makes the practice a WHOLE LOT more difficult to justify ... That's truly OUR PROMISE TO YOU!!!
Convenient, Confidential, Cost-Free!

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