The Way WE Roll ... As Simple As 1-2-3!

1. Create Your Own Personal (& PRIVATE) Account ...

2. Tell Us What Vehicle You're Looking For ...

3. Submit Your Request ...

The Basic Overview

The process is actually very simple and easy to complete. We use a 3-step process that typically takes about 15-25 minutes from start to finish ... A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TO EVEN DRIVE TO YOUR FAVORITE DEALERSHIP! Should you need more time, you may save your vehicle selection profile and request information at regular intervals (without losing your progress). You may also delete YOUR entire active offer request, if you just simply wish to start over.

So, here's what you do ...

Step #1 -- Create YOUR Account ...

Create your personalized account profile by selecting the Create Account link in the upper portion of the Login menu table on this and every page along our Navigation Bar. The information requested will be used to establish a basic and confidential personal profile. YOU will have the ability to modify your password(s) and other information as needed by choosing the "Edit Account" tab on your User page (after login).

Step #2 -- POST or SELECT YOUR Vehicle ...

Now, here's where the intuitive part (and fun) actually begins! Simply select either "FIND MY RIDE..." or "SELL MY RIDE..." from your Account Menu Tasks Bar, depending on your specific desires (shopping to purchase a new or newer vehicle or looking to possibly sell the one you already have). During this process, you will be guided through a series of questions that will systematically create YOUR Retail Buy-Bid Posting or Vehicle Selection/Request Profile ... if you will allow us to call them that. This process contains 8 quick steps, including YOUR desired selections like vehicle type, styling, and functionality, vehicle comfort and convenience features, vehicle delivery and financing terms, and finally a convenient and secure credit application.

The more information, particularly regarding your personal financial information and your trade-in (if applicable) that you have readily available ... the better. This will greatly reduce the time required to complete the process.

However, again, we are ALL ABOUT YOUR TIME! So, every step of this process can be saved and rejoined at a later time, should your schedule become a little hectic. No matter what you need, we try to aim higher!

Step #3 -- Submit Your Request ...

The FINAL STEP ... at least on YOUR part.

If you're looking to sell your vehicle or maybe just find out what your vehicle is reasonably worth to dealers in this area, there is ABSOLUTELY NO COST to submit your request. You will then be prompted to submit your request to our Marketing Partners.

That's about it ... pretty simple, huh? Ok, well it's really NOT actually that simple, but we trust that you will find it informational, educational, and a whole lot less hassle than visiting 17 dealerships over the course of 22 consecutive, weather-sensitive days ... all to find out that you can't find a suitable match to your needs. What WE truly hope is THAT YOU FIND YOUR RIDE ... ON YOUR TERMS & YOUR TIMETABLE!!!

* Restrictions Apply. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Now, What Happens NEXT? ... The Behind-the-Scenes Stuff ...

Once you have completed your request for our partners' offers, YOU get to sit back and enjoy! We, on the other hand, have to get to work!


First, we will use the information YOU provide to create and authenticate your Vehicle Inquiry Profile and verify your current credit score range, if applicable. This information remains entirely proprietary and confidential, in that the only person in our galaxy, beyond our staff (who are pinky-sworn to secrecy ... ok, and by law are NOT permitted to disclose anything) who knows anything about you ... is YOU! The entire process is totally ANONYMOUS. While you will be able to identify each partner providing you an offer, no one will know who YOU are ... unless & until YOU allow for such contact OR you select an offer! In fact, our partners won't know if you are local or from Ontario! How COOL is that?


Throughout your entire experience on our Site, you may (if logged in) contact any of our Partner/Dealers through your own Message Board, which appears in a convenient tab located on the far-right portion of your Action Bar. Please note, here, that our Partner/Dealers may also reach out to you using this resource as well. Because our Partners are very much dedicated to making your experience and their products & services available to you quickly, we encourage you to respond to their requests for clarification, modification, or general information quickly. You will receive an email notification ANY TIME you receive a note from our Partner/Dealers on your Message Board. Time is always of the essence with these request(s), and your response (or lack thereof) can very much impact the manner with which your inquiry is capable of being handled by any of the Partner/Dealers. However, please also note that the Message Board is used to preserve the integrity of your personal email address ... which remains private, unknown, and unavailable to the Partner/Dealers ... again, until you wish it NOT to be!


Your inquiry will now proceed through 3 independent status levels: OPEN, PENDING, and finally CLOSED. Each status has certain restrictions and VERY specific timelines. So, please read carefully, and understand what occurs at each status level. It IS important!


After we have completed your request/inquiry profile, it is electronically forwarded to each qualified partner, along with an electronic notification to YOU as to its progress. Each partner has 72 hours to respond to YOUR REQUEST. This period of time is the OPEN status period. During this period, you may receive notifications that an offer has been submitted on your request; however, we would suggest that you check your account often to maximize the opportunity for a more timely acceptance, should YOU wish to do so.

You may select any offer received at ANY time prior to the expiration of that 72-hour period, if you desire. However, you may also wish to wait until all of the offers are submitted. Remember, our partners may need 72 hours to locate just the right vehicle and formulate the best offer for you. Nevertheless, it's YOUR choice ... and that's really what matters in this case.


At the conclusion of the OPEN period (whether by virtue of your acceptance of an offer OR the expiration of the 72-hour timeline), your inquiry will transition to PENDING status. If the status change was a result of a time expiration (72 hours), you will have only 24 HOURS (NOT business hours) to accept any presented offer. Should you fail to complete that selection within that period, your inquiry will automatically be transitioned to CLOSED status (see below) -- a point at which you CANNOT accept any offer. You would be required to re-enter your request ... and applicable (though still partially-refundable) fees.

Regardless of whether you HAVE accepted a presented offer prior to the expiration of the OPEN status period OR you accept one during the initial PENDING period, the PENDING status timeline will be the same AFTER YOUR ACCEPTANCE. YOU will have 72 hours (NOT business hours), subsequent to your acceptance, to contact the applicable partner and establish a timetable to finalize YOUR transaction ... if that is YOUR desire. Prior to this point in the process, YOU ARE ANONYMOUS. After this point, if an offer is accepted, YOU ARE NOT. The partner whose offer you accepted will be given your email contact information ... NOTHING else. YOU and the PARTNER will take it from there!

All of the offer information, including the pricing and terms to which YOU and YOUR SELECTED DEALER/PARTNER have tentatively agreed, will be electronically forwarded to both parties for confirmation. NO CONTACT WILL BE MADE by mycitymotorZ, LLC. This is NOT our transaction in any way ... IT'S YOURS!


Should you and the partner from whom you intially accept an offer be unable to complete YOUR transaction in any way, you may return to your account profile and select any other remaining offer. However, those partners whose offers were NOT initially accepted have every right to rescind their offer at any time, subsequent to your initial offer acceptance. This is as a courtesy to their specific inventory needs. As such, it would be highly prudent for all offer information to be preserved, either electronically or in print, PRIOR to making a formal offer acceptance. YOU will thereby secure the details of each offer AND the specific identity of the partner making the offer. This might just come in a little handy ... but it's only a humble suggestion ...

If you have finalized YOUR transaction with one of our partners, or if you have "Declined All Offers", you may proceed to the completion of the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) and validate the applicable return/refund of your Credit Profile & Analysis Fee. This will automatically transition your inquiry to the final status (CLOSED).


At the conclusion of the 72-hour PENDING status period, your inquiry status will be automatically transitioned to CLOSED status. At this point, NO OFFERS MAY BE ACCEPTED through our Site. Again, this in NO WAY prevents YOU from contacting any partner independently to solidify any of YOUR received offer(s) ... or even a better one. That's really the purpose of and what's happening THROUGH our Site. At least in this case, YOU ARE IN THE MOST ADVANTAGEOUS BARGAINING POSITION ... remember?

Once in CLOSED status, you will have no more than 24 hours (again NOT business hours) to complete the CSS, if you have not already done so. This will initiate the refund process for YOUR Credit Profile & Search Analysis Fee. Should you FAIL to complete the survey within this timeline, you will forfeit your portion of the refund(ed) fee. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will mycitymotorZ, LLC. retain any funds, other than those costs incurred in the preparation of the Credit Profile. Any such forfeited fees will be donated to local charities as set forth and consistent with our Terms & Conditions .

Ok, NOW, that's really how we roll! Again, thank you for your consideration!
Convenient, Confidential, Cost-Free!

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